Fireworks and Hurricanes

America’s most patriotic holiday is here! And, for most of the eastern seaboard, so is Hurricane Arthur. Laura and I kicked off the celebratory weekend in true American style by sleeping in late on a Swedish-made bed and rolling around in Egyptian cotton sheets. Then I made some delicious dark roasted Ethiopian coffee in a Chinese-built coffee maker and prepared for more rain, thunderstorms, and strong winds.

Beach goers and vacationers around New England must be enraged. Prices for the already costly hotel rooms in coastal madhouses like Nantucket, Cape Cod, and Newport, Rhode Island jump exponentially during Fourth of July weekend–the absolute most popular time for visitors and tourists. And we willingly pay those outrageous prices! That tells you how shitty the weather in New England is the rest of the year.

For once, my negligence pays off, though. I failed to check my schedule weeks earlier and didn’t book our summer beach trip in time inadvertently saving us from wasting our Fourth of July stuck in a small, yet outlandishly expensive, hotel room with flat pillows and basic cable. Score one for procrastination!

So, thanks to hurricanes and negligence, instead of sitting oceanside with clumps of sand between my toes, sun in my face, and a cold drink in my hand… I’m sitting window-side with two mischievous cats, watching the rain fall, and sipping a bottle of fine Kentucky bourbon whiskey courtesy of Angel’s Envy. (Twitter: @Angels_Envy)

Angel's Envy -- It’s “nectar of the gods,” as they say. Kentucky straight bourbon whiskey finished in port barrels. 750mL 43.3% ABV / 96.6 Proof
Angel’s Envy — It’s “nectar of the gods,” as they say. Kentucky straight bourbon whiskey finished in port barrels. 750mL 43.3% ABV / 96.6 Proof

An incredibly smooth finish. Like butter doing the moonwalk on ice while complimenting a super attractive woman smooth. When it comes to bourbon whiskey and making love, let’s face it, it’s almost always about the finish. It’s no surprise considering this stuff comes from master distiller Lincoln Henderson whose name is proudly etched on the front of the bottle. Henderson is responsible for two other whiskey products I know and love: Gentleman Jack and Jack Daniel’s Single Barrel.

Vanilla, berry, and spicy notes hit the front palate right away. There is a pleasant lack of woodiness that many bourbon whiskeys have. Whiskey aged in small oak barrels tends to have that over-oaked and tannic quality that can be overpowering and a turn-off for some. Overall, Angel’s Envy is a remarkable balance between wood, oak/tannins, and spice with a finish so smooth that Laura didn’t even furrow her brow after tasting it from my glass.

A Silver Lining

When a hurricane passes, it sucks all of the nearby storm cells up and takes them along for a ride out to the northern Atlantic. That means the weather after a hurricane is typically dry and warm. Good news for those poor beach bums that were forced indoors today.

Happy Fourth of July! May your weekend hold plenty of warm, dry weather and cold, stiff drinks.


One thought on “Fireworks and Hurricanes

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