Day Old Shirt is about documenting life, travel, entertainment, food, art, humor, and more through the eyes of a late 20-something kicking and screaming his way into his 30’s.

The idea started with a souvenir t-shirt collection. It’s important to support local businesses through merchandise sales (and the branded t-shirt is the oldest marketing gimmick in the book) but, more importantly, t-shirts can spark new connections with friends and strangers. Every shirt is a documented journey packed with stories, memories, and recommendations. Fellow travelers can identify kindred spirits and inspire others.

Day Old Shirt hopes to share these snapshots and adventures with viewers around the world. Join the conversation!


Benny Cho


When I’m not working a day job, expanding my culinary horizons, writing music, practicing my painting, or traveling, I write out of my home in Worcester, MA with my better half, Laura, and our two lazy cats. Laura and I met in 2012 while working for the same company–we shared a mutual disdain for corporate politics and red tape. We clicked instantly. Two years later, we have different jobs, Laura is finishing up her degree, I’m waist-deep in my passion for art & writing, and we live a wonderful life together in picturesque New England.


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